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Delft is a small city located in the west Netherlands about halfway between Rotterdam and The Hague.
One of the prettiest cities in Holland, Delft is probably best known for the blue and white porcelain and pottery that originates from the area known as Delftware.
Delft is one of Holland’s historical centres and home to the Dutch royal family, The House of Orange. William of Orange also known as William the silent was killed and buried here in 1584 at the end of his struggle against the Spanish in the 80 years war.
Delft is fundamentally a University City and home to the most important engineering school in the Netherlands, the Delft University of Technology.
The strong university presence and historical influence help to generate a culturally stimulating environment within Delft and coupled with the winding canals and the fact that the city centre can be crossed in ten minutes this small city is an extremely attractive and relaxing travel destination.
For visitors that are looking for a base from which to visit Holland, Delft is a fantastic solution. Located only 55 minutes by train from Amsterdam and linked well by both train and bus to many other destinations in the Netherlands, Delft makes an ideal base for those looking to explore Holland.
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