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Holland is a great holiday destination with plenty to offer everyone, good for grown-ups and entertaining for children. People looking for a cultural holiday and those into sports, nature or city lovers will find something to suit their needs in this eclectic Country.

Holland, the low-lying northwest region of the Netherlands comprises the provinces of North Holland and South Holland. Though the whole Country is commonly known as Holland, the official name is actually the Netherlands.
Situated on the North Sea, Holland is almost completely flat except for some small hills in the southeast, and considerable areas of land have been reclaimed from the sea. Rivers including the Scheldt, Maas and Rhine, together with many canals form an efficient system of inland waterways.

The Netherlands is a densely populated and geographically low-lying country and is popularly known for its windmills, clogs, dikes (construction built along the edge of a body of water to prevent it from flooding onto adjacent lowlands), bicycles and social tolerance. The countryside with cows grazing in the fields next to canals and windmills is a reminiscent image of the harmony captured by many Dutch artists, while the cities balance traditional architecture with modern tendencies. Amsterdam for example has gabled houses, priceless paintings, multilingual people, coffee shops selling cannabis and prostitutes behind picture windows, all accepted with complete tolerence. Although not large in size, Holland is full of interesting sites, therefore to make the most of your trip it would be advisable to prepare a journey plan selecting the areas you intend to see and the sites that most interest you. To help with your search we have put together selected destinations inclusive of general information and the most interesting sites across various categories.

On this website we have gathered some useful information on Holland’s history, culture and major events taking place there. Each individual destination comes with information about airports, transport, places of interest, museums complete of addresses and eating out tips. You can browse through our selection of pictures and even check out our maps which are fully interactive: you can search the place you need to find on the map and even have a close up satellite view. Try it now for an aerial view of the locations that interest you!